Our Team

DSC_0573 - Version 2Each member of the Dysautonomia Center brings their own expertise to the team. Our Director, Dr. Horacio Kaufmann, provides the vision and asks that we never stop looking for the answers we still need. Our clinicians and nurses provide care to patients with autonomic disorders. Our research team leads the mission to better understand autonomic neurology and finds way to improve patient’s lives. Our administrative staff help hold it all together and make sure that we have everything we need from a grant budget to a meeting with our collaborators. Each person relies on one another, and we all play a part.

The staff that work at the Center come from all backgrounds, but come together to work on autonomic disorders. Our nurses have spent time in the intensive care units, cardiology clinics and as paramedics responding to medical emergencies in the city. Their diverse training gives medical background necessary to care for patients with autonomic disorders, who can have problems with all organ systems.

Our research team is made up PhDs and clinician scientists who work with clinical data, they run clinical trials and studies. They have backgrounds in physiology, sleep, pharmacy, psychiatry, neuro-ophthalmology and more. We have project assistants and data managers, who help us with out databases and project logistics.

Our clinical trials team organizes and runs our treatment trials. In addition to arranging study visits, they work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure we have all our regulatory documents in order. This is no small task.

No office would work without an good administrative team and smart office staff. These folks are the front line; answering calls, booking appointments and making sure things run as smoothly as they can.

We’ve grown since our days of a single doctor and one nurse in a small office at NYU. We now have a dedicated team of people, who all share the same goal and understand how research leads to better clinical care. We are #TeamDysautonomia