Are you ready for 2023?

Are you prepared for 2023? Make 2023 a health-focused year for you and your family. An FD annual visit at the NYU Dysautonomia Center is the most important step in getting an overview of your health and anticipating problems that may arise due to familial dysautonomia. Keep track of your pulmonologist, gastroenterologist, and ophthalmologist appointments to ensure your lung, GI, and eye health are optimized!

Caregivers and family members should be able to perform the Heimlich maneuver and CPR with confidence. Sign up for a local CPR training if you haven’t had one in the last two years. You can find a local class by clicking here: American Red Cross CPR Classes

Keep your imaging and labs up to date! Annual OCT and pulmonary function tests are recommended. G-tube changes are performed twice a year, and an echocardiogram and sleep study are performed every two years.

We surveyed the FD community and some home must-haves include specimen containers for UTIs or Cdiff infections. Non-slip socks are essential for tiled floors. A shower chair can help prevent falls or fainting episodes in the shower during illness. Gait belts are a type of safety aid that can help a patient sit, stand, or walk around, as well as transfer them from a bed to a wheelchair. Call the NYU Dysautonomia Center to make an appointment for more advice on how to stay healthy and active this year and make it the best one yet!