Caregiver Support Group for FD families

Caring for a loved one with a rare condition can feel very isolating. You may feel overwhelmed, exhausted, or lost. You may have questions about tackling burnout, caregiver fatigue, or resources. Or maybe you just want to know how others do it. 

Let’s talk.

The NYU Dysautonomia Center is excited to launch a virtual mutual aid support group for FD parents and caregivers to meet and discuss these and other issues in January 2023. The monthly or bi-weekly Zoom sessions will be hosted by NYU Dysautonomia Center and FD Foundation social work intern/MSW candidate Matthew Hertzberg.

During meetings, group members will come together to enhance caregiver coping skills through mutual support and information-sharing. This group will rely heavily on the participation and experience of the group members. Participants will be encouraged to offer their thoughts and feelings around FD-specific topics in an empathetic, non-judgmental environment.

Each person with FD is different and every family has a unique story. Sharing your journey with others may build resilience, reduce stress, and foster new friendships.

If interested, please click here to complete a short questionnaire and Matthew will contact you with more details in early January.     

If you are interested, please fill out this survey: