The Mitzvah Year

Celebrating special birthdays and FD Day 2022 Honorees and Artists

This last Sunday, FD Day 2022 was live-streamed to our international audience involved in the FD community, including patients, parents, and the involved and interested medical and scientific community from around the world. Our director in chief, Dr. Horacio Kaufmann, and other Dysautonomia Center team members talked about pioneering new developments at the Center including modern autonomic testing tools, an upcoming clinical trial for a medication to treat autonomic crises at home, and the exciting progress made in genetic therapy to help correct the splicing defect that causes FD.

Apart from the business in medical innovations, we were elated to reveal the chosen “Dystinguished Honorees” this year, which included Morgan Asinowski, Sarah Zucker, and Mitchell Kofsky, who were chosen for their unique qualities of kind spirit and optimism, intelligence and independence, and bravery to chase after their dreams. Also, The World Through My Eyes annual FD Day art competition showcased 20 beautiful and diverse works of art ranging from sketches and paintings, photography, sculpture, digital art, and a magnificent song with original lyrics and self-produced music video. To our artists, this show is about you, offering us all a chance to see the world through your eyes, and we can’t express how much meaning and joy your art brings to us all.

The slide show for the art show is included at the end of this post for your viewing pleasure! And very soon in a subsequent post here, we will link to the full recorded show!

But meanwhile, we also want to take this opportunity of this special anniversary of The World Through My Eyes, The Mitzvah Year, to celebrate a few very special birthdays this year!

Avrohom “Avi” Zimmels turned 13 this year. As you may have seen in the live show on FD Day, he entered one of his self-portraits into the art show this year and wowed judges. Here, Avi is pictured with his loving family in England on his Bar Mitzvah.
Caitlin Chance celebrated her 13th birthday surrounded by friends and family at what looks like a really sweet party in Long Island.
Diana Esparza is growing into a beautiful and poised young woman, and celebrated her special day in her sunny home state of California.
Zachary Nathanson celebrated an exceptionally special day, as he shared his Bar Mitzvah with his grandfather, Lester Goldman, who was also celebrating his 2nd Bar Mitzvah, 70 years after his first! Zach and Lester spent the day together and it was quite a celebration!

Happy Bar and Bat Mitzvah to you all, and congratulations to the Dystinguished Honorees and all talented artists in this year’s show!

Click here for a link to the full FD Day 2022 Art Slide Show