The Latest in Research and Clinical Care in Familial Dysautonomia. 2020-2021 Year In Review

Our annual publication on research and clinical care in familial dysautonomia from the Dysautonomia Center is now available here to read electronically. It will also be sent via email, and hard copies will be sent soon as well.

This year, the publication includes additional written literature from our extended medical and research teams and leading research scientists with whom we are collaborating.

Topics range from expanding awareness of other genetic mutations that can cause FD, how other genetic autonomic and sensory neuropathies have signs and symptoms similar to those of FD, studies that increase our understanding of health and disease patterns in FD so health-promoting treatment can be improved, potential gene-modifying therapies that are in development and may be available soon in clinical trial, and a study drug for better treatment of autonomic crisis at home.

We are ever thankful for the thoughtful contributions from our colleagues and support from the community, and hope this publication is both informative, and gives hope and inspiration to our greater FD network of patients, families, clinicians and researchers from around the world.

Click on the photo below to open a new window with the publication. For best reading quality, when hovering over the article, click on the (expand) icon for full screen.

Also, follow the links below to watch individual talks from the clinicians at the Dysautonomia Center, or to view the entire live recording of FD Day 2021.

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