Lend a Hand!

Help Us Advocate for COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization for People with Developmental Disabilities!

Please consider contacting your representatives to include people with intellectual or developmental disabilities for earlier phases of COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

People with developmental or behavioral disorders who also have serious underlying medical conditions can be at much greater risk of serious illness or death from COVID 19. This is due to their baseline increased risk from underlying medical conditions with added danger from difficulty understanding or practicing preventative measures, and impaired perception and communication of their symptoms to seek medical treatment early. They are a vulnerable population that needs advocates. Please consider helping today.

It will take minutes of your time. If you choose, please follow this link

The Arc New York

And for more information on protecting people with intellectual or developmental disabilities from COVID-19 please see this post from the CDC, Guidance for Direct Service Providers, Caregivers, Parents, and People with Developmental and Behavioral Disorders.

Thank you,

The Dysautonomia Center