Professor Macefield visits the Center to plan new research in FD

Professor Vaughan Macefield, Deputy Dean in the School of Medicine at Western Sydney University and Professor of Integrative Physiology, is back visiting the NYU Dysautonomia Center.

Professor Macefield has been popping over from Australia for the last few years, helping the team in their quest to understand the physiological features of FD. He has just been awarded a second grant – for $335,000 – from the National Health & Medical Research Council of Australia to continue the collaborative work on FD he originally begun in 2008 with Dr. Horacio Kaufmann, Dr. Lucy Norcliffe-Kaufmann and Dr. Axelrod during his first visit to the Center at NYU.

VM picture
Professor Macefield hopes to find ways to help patients with FD walk better

Professor Macefield is particularly excited about the new work the team will be undertaking, in which they will be studying spacial awareness and movement control of the upper and lower limbs in patients with FD, together with Dr. Alberto Palma and Dr. Cristina Fuente Mora. The team are hoping to further understand the proprioceptive disturbances in FD, and how they can be improved by using signals from the skin to guide limb position accuracy.

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