How YOU can help dysautonomia research

The Dysautonomia Foundation has supported the Center for over 40 years. This unwavering support allows us to treat children and adults with familial dysautonomia from around the world. Over 70% of the daily operating costs of the NYU Dysautonomia Center’s medical team are covered by public contributions through non-profit patient advocacy groups. The Dysautonomia Foundation provides the largest source of funding for medical care and treatment for patients at the Center.

Because of people like you who contribute to the Foundation, we can make sure that every patient with familial dysautonomia has access to the best medical care at the Center, regardless of their abilities to pay.

NP Christy Spalink & Dr. Lucy Kaufmann at the annual patient-caregiver conference organized by the Dysautonomia Foundation
NP Christy Spalink & Dr. Lucy Kaufmann at the annual patient-caregiver conference organized by the Dysautonomia Foundation (photo by Steven M. Meyer)

Because we have funding from the Dysautonomia Foundation our medical team and researchers are able to focus on finding new treatments for familial dysautonomia.

What we learn from familial dysautonomia, we use to benefit patients with other forms of dysautonomia. The support of the Foundation has allowed us to create training programs for young clinician scientists wanting to learn how to treat patients with other rare autonomic disorders like multiple system atrophy and congenital neuropathies. The Foundation’s support was critical in allowing us to secure funding from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for the Autonomic Disorders Consortium, which is dedicated to caring for patients with rare dysautonomias.

The Dysautonomia Foundation is organizing their annual sponsored bicycle race. The Tour de Foliage is now in its 12th year. This event is run by three families, two of whom have children with familial dysautonomia who give their time to support our work. On September 20th, the cyclists will set off through a winding course in Ossining, New York (for details click here). The riders will each be pedaling to raise money for dysautonomia research and clinical care.

If you have a moment, please consider sponsoring a rider. No amount of money is too small. Every donation helps, and the money you give goes directly into patient care.

Sponsor a rider:

Dr. Horacio Kaufmann (our Director)

Dr. Alberto Palma (our talented Assistant Professor, who trained in the Autonomic Disorders Fellowship sponsored by the Dysautonomia Foundation)

Christy Spalink (our dedicated and amazing Nurse Practitioner, who is hands on frontline taking care of patients with familial dysautonomia day-to-day)

Dr. Lucy Kaufmann (our Assistant Professor, who has led the research program in FD at the Center for over 8 years)